Friday, August 12, 2011

The Cycle ...

I haven't written poetry in a very long time.  Last night, I couldn't get to sleep because an image kept flitting through my mind, so I decided to write it down, and see where it took me.

The cycle of the day pauses sometimes.
A moment holding back eternity.
Bravely a sliver of sunlight teases.

The dancing Wind laughs at a cosmic joke.
For skipped heartbeats, I never understand.
The next beat?  A glimmer.  My dance begins.

I wonder if Night minds a late entrance.
Perhaps not.  After all, She's never gone.
A pause.  A pounding.  I feel the stars dance.

I giggle at a soul's perfect vision.
My eyes can't see stars.  A dancing heart can.
There is a simple rhythm in my life.

In the briefest serenity, I hope.
I pray those who care will walk next to me.
I hope their memories are that I lived.

I lived when life was full, and joy was all.
When laughter was innocent and carefree.
When we danced on the wings of evening Winds.

I hope they remember that I was whole.
I was free for the briefest of seconds.
When the Wind would dance and the Sun would laugh.

If they do, they'll know I'm dancing on Wind.
Laughing with the Stars; joking with Sunlight.
Knowing that the Cycle begins again.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice.
    I'll always walk next to you.
    But keep in mind that we may need to stop for ice cream.