Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm getting a tattoo ...

Heya, folks,

I went yesterday to see a tattoo artist about getting another tattoo.  This one will be a tribal tattoo on my upper right leg and right buttock (or ass cheek as I like to call it), and will include a symbol for the Sun to represent the masculine side of myself and Spirit.

I have a tattoo around my left bicep.  I got it when I got divorced.  As I like to say, she got the house and I got a tattoo.  For ten years I've been enjoying the feeling of individuality and beauty that I think it lends to my body.  Nobody else has this exact tattoo, as I modified another design to include the pagan symbol for the moon, which represents the femininity of the Goddess and that which I carry inside me.

I've always wanted to be physically beautiful.  I'm not.  I don't scare small children, mind you, but I'm not a George Clooney, or Hugh Jackman or Cary Grant.  Let's just say that as I get older, the wisdom gets greater, but so do the wrinkles.  I've never had the drive and the physical stamina to spend hours and hours at the gym, as my interests tend to run toward the artistic and intellectual.  This, combined with the genes and eating habits I inherited from my family, tend to make it difficult to keep trim and in good shape.  However, with just the tattoo I have, I feel a bit better about my body and what it communicates to people, and if I feel better, I function better, and don't come off as such a loser to folks I meet in the street.  So, I think that this new unapologetic addition to my body will help me inside and out.

Why now?  Well, I directed Medea this past year, and said that if I got through it, and it came out well, I'd get myself a tattoo.  Well, I did get through it, and it did come out very well, so I'm putting aside some of the money from my annual holiday bonus (albeit a bit guiltily, as I should be putting every penny in the bank for medical stuff), and I'm getting my tattoo.  The interesting thing is that since it will cover my thigh and ass, most people won't be able to see a good portion of the tattoo.  I have to admit that there is something dark and sexy about decorating a part of my body that only a sexual partner or the guys in the gym shower are going to see.  Mind you, I don't take showers at the gym, and really have not been much of a participant in the dating scene for a long time.  This should add a bit of spice to my sex drive, and this could be a really good thing for me.  Not to mention, it could also get me more motivated to get into a regular exercise regime.

Although it's going to take a while to finish the tatto (at least two to three sessions), I'm very excited about it.

Plus, the tattoo artist is gay, adorable and there seems to be a really gentle and humorous soul behind his artistic eyes.  Win, win, win!!


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